Beds And Refuge

Today I managed to get myself out of bed, and into the shower, with only one¬†rest in between those two things. ¬†Some days this seems almost worthy of a gold medal and other days it’s not a huge deal. ¬†You just never know what you will get from one day to the next.

Its sort of the mix bag of lupus, you just don’t what you get, but somehow, with help, you ¬†find a way to deal with¬†it. ¬†It’s not always super easy, but then nothing worth doing ever seems to be.

Interestingly Beloved felt the same when he was recovering from his cancer surgery.  He reckons when we go through this we learn more about compassion, love and what it means to be cared for and to care for others.

I suppose in a way, when you find yourself needing help, you realize that to be human is to be vulnerable.  To be human is to know what it is to need help and likewise to offer help.  To offer refuge and to understand that to some degree we are all refugees.

today, as I managed my way and day with lupus, I sought refuge in the comfort of familiar places, faces and routines.  I know these spaces well enough to know where I can find resting spaces.  I trust these people dearly as I know they will step in when I can no longer see that I need help.  And routines can help keep some normalcy on the days when I feel,like I need a medal or so for being able to get out of bed!

When is the last time to you sought refuge?  Have you given thanks to the places and people who have offered refuge in your life?


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