Relationships Naturally 😉

We have peonies in the garden.  Big, beautiful peonies that are stunning to look at.  Huge blossoms that beg to be brought into the house.  Normally, typically anyway, with any flowers I always take a few blossoms into the house.  It’s my way of bringing the outdoors inside.  But I won’t bring these blooms in.  Not a chance.  Learnt my lesson last year.

You see last year I brought in a dozen or so of these flowers.  Happily, innocently even, I put them in vases throughout the house to let their lovely perfume fill the air.  And yes to let some of the outdoors in.  The way I was looking at it, it was a way to appreciate what nature provided.

And then nature proved me wrong.  You see I didn’t realize that hidden in those lovely petals, just biding their time was a whole colony of ants.  I have never had any plans or intentions of brining ants indoors.  That’s a bit too much outdoors coming in.😕

They didn’t come out right away.  They waited and under the darkness of night they found their way through our house.  No place was safe from their curiosity.  And no place was without hiding spaces for them.

think  I finally evicted them all just in time to be tempted by another batch of peonies.  Well maybe not that long, but it sure seemed that way.  So I decided this time to not let them in the house by not brining in the flowers.  After all the flowers occur naturally outside and seem to have a relationship with the ants.  Who am I to try to change nature?😐



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