Wishing It Would Happen, Anyway

I love the people who with things to life. ¬†I’m not saying this in a rude way, I truly love those people who have the ability to simply wish for their hearts desire and it comes to fruition. ¬†Frankly I’m envious of this skill.

You see friends when I wish something I’m almost guaranteed it won’t come true. ¬†More like I’ve managed to wish it a thousand miles away. ¬†As in never in this life can I expect to see that wish or somewhat close semblance to that wish in my world.

I can’t put into words how magical it is to see these people and the power of their own beliefs or rather the power they have in the power of their own beliefs. ¬†It should be simple shouldn’t it. ¬†Just believe that if you wish for something hard enough it will come true.

How do I not have this ability? ¬†Is it my sceptical nature that gets in the way? ¬†Perhaps those darker clouds of pessimism get in the way of the healing and nurturing light that allows wishful thinking to become true. ¬†Perhaps it’s a lack of wish fertilizer because I’m busy fertilizing theories and questions all day in terms of doubt.

And maybe that there is the rub. ¬†When you spend your time with doubt, even when wishes do come true you doubt the magic of the wish and it becomes one of those moments of considering if it isn’t wasn’t coincidence or something that was just going to happen anyway. ¬†Following that worry, won’t it all just happen anyway, wishes or not?


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