Of Ponds and Puddles

I wanted a pond for a while.  A pond stocked with some fish, frogs, wading birds and lily pads.  Yep that’s what I wanted.  Notice it’s the past tense.  Because I’m not a huge fan of biting bugs and such.  Apparently some of these biting bugs like to grow their young in water.  Sure the fish will eat some of the young bugs and what have you.  But they never eat them all!

Apparently wading birds in a small pond just don’t work.  As in the pond isn’t big enough or deep enough for the wading birds.  Shame because I’d like to have a flock of pink flamingoes.  Yes I know they eat a particular type of food and require a certain climate.  But I can still want them!

My fear with the frogs is that they’d hop away to a larger pond.  Or maybe some birds would eat my sweet little frogs.  Not a nice thought.

Instead I got puddles.  Big puddles.  No my puddles aren’t stocked with fish or frogs.  The only vegetation floating on the water is a few stray blades of grass.  And I’m not sure if magpies or Ravens are considered wading birds, but in my puddles they are.  The only life in my puddle besides the birds are the worms.  And well I don’t mind worms they certainly don’t make cute noises like frogs or eat the bugs like the fish.  But it’s my own puddle, until it dries up!


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