A Bad Parody or Why I love Him

You know how phrases can date you?  The man who stole my heart asked me if I wanted to “get jiggy” with him the other evening.  Now I’m sure he meant it as a way to create a “mood”,  but probably not the one he did.

Jiggy is not a word I expect to come from his mouth.  Not ever.  Jiggly?  Sure.  I can buy that.  But jiggy?  Not so much.

It’s the same when he says he’s hanging with “his crew”.  The man does not have a crew. He has mates.  Sometimes he calls them blokes.  They are not ever a crew.  Unless a group of middle-aged academics who wear scarves around their necks and carry bags are considered a crew.

He never grew up in the ‘hood, although the areas he grew up in is similar to some of the projects I’ve seen in North America.  Minus the gun violence and the crack cook houses. He grew up poor, the violence was more with knives and fists and they weren’t gangs involved with drugs, more likely drinks, but hey!

And there is no way this man could ever be living the thug life.  Not when he corrects people’s grammar and word choice.  What type of bad guy says please and thank you and knows when to use who versus whom?

Not that I’m complaining or yearning for a rebel without a cause.  I’m rather taken with this man even though he isn’t what I would have thought I wanted.  Not if you had asked me before I got to know the man behind the cardigan with leather patches on the elbows.

No he may never use the certain words others can pull off, but then that’s fine with me because he’s a good guy who is bad at trying to be bad!  Think of him in terms of a really proper version of Vanilla Ice! 😉



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