Garden Gifting

I like to say I harvest from my garden, in a very small sense.  As in I pick the herbs for cooking, I take the ripe tomatoes and peppers, pull the rhubarb when it’s ready and basically pick the colorful flowers now and then.  That’s the extent of my harvesting.

Beloved’s sister truly harvests from her garden.  She goes tomatoes, onions, carrots, beets, potatoes, peas, beans and has an apple tree.  She weeds, waters, tends and nurtures.  And this year she added squash, cute little squash.  Squash that she has grown from seed.

His sister is a lady who knows how to use and preserve everything.  She cans and pickles.  She freezes and sauces.  She is a dynamo in the kitchen to my struggling attempts.  And generous too, is she.  For she will share with many people who garden’s delights.  She will praise my growing, marvel at my use of herbs and hand me jars upon jars of her garden’s  bounty.

In turn Beloved and I will use her gifts too cook with, sharing our creations with her and her family.  She claims this is the true gift of her garden, the sharing and bringing together over food and good times.  I tend to agree, as long as you aren’t counting on me to grow much…I’m still trying to figure out what is a weed!


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