Wandering Soul and Free Spirited Passion

Beloved can’t understand my wandering nature.  When I tell him I have an urge to hop in the car and just drive to wherever, he looks ay me as though I’ve just come in from another planet.  He doesn’t understand this need to just go, go somewhere, any where.  He can’t fathom not having a set destination and reason for a trip.  And I, I can’t fathom not just following wherever the road takes me, letting the adventure simply be what it will.

Some days I just don’t want to go to work or wherever.  Some days are just made to drive and be free.  Okay so my soul says every day could be made for just seeing where the road takes me.  The bills however say something different.  They remind me I’m not as free as I want to be.  I’m tied to things like work because I have is weird habit of wanting shelter and food.  And unfortunately I’ve never figured out how to work for me and make my living that way.  I dream about it…oh how I dream.  But I never get it.

Belived can’t stand he idea of simply following a whim with no end goal other than ending up somewhere.  Going on a trip?  One should pre plan everything.  Sure you can have a few down hours here and there.  But whole days?  He can’t cope with it.  Too much freedom makes him feel uncomfortable I guess.

So some days I hop in the vehicle alone, heading into the wide unknown for a few hours because I know he worries when I do this and spend more than 24 hours away, just because I can.  Give me huge swaths to travel, new places to check out and beautiful days to heal my soul and fuel my passion and I’m good.  Now if only I can set Beloved’s soul to enjoy free wandering without needing plans etc!


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