It’s Naturally Humorous But I Don’t Get It

Can someone please explain to me how, or why to be more exact, that the weather knows when I’ve just cleaned my windows?  Without fail, the minute I’ve managed to get my windows clean and free of steaks s huge wind will come up to out dirt back on my windows.  And of course that isn’t really enough so it rains, just enough to make a mess all over my windows again.

Beloved watches, and I mean watches, the weather to ensure it will be dry, sunshine filled before he tackles with windows.  And the minute he does, it’s as if the forecast changes.  Pretty sure nature does this as some form of a joke.  Only I’m not laughing. Yeah I know, that’s my issue.

Of course the same thing happens when I rake leaves.  No sooner than do I get them all raked up and in the bag for a moment to admire the green grass which had been lost under the leaves and the wind comes along and gives me more.  More that aren’t even from my trees.  Because my trees don’t have leaves that shed.

Now I know into every life a little rain, dirty windows and leaves must come.  But why, oh why I ask you, does this always have to be a fight with me and nature.  With me always on the shorter end of the stick.  Anyone?  Anyone at all know?


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