Tabled Memories

We need a new table.  Ours broke today.  It’s a lovely wooden table, nice and practical.  Today it decided it had enough, it groaned under the weight of the pies and cakes, tarts and bars.  Not to mention an assortment of sandwiches, salads and other delights.  She groaned under the load, cracked and a leg starts to give way.  Hasty fixes were out in place, after all we couldn’t lose all that wonderful food!

The thing is,  love this table.  It’s where I struggled to get the words right in my paper. It’s where I let my tears pool thought heart aches and health scars.  This table saw me roll out short crusts, pizza dough and welsh cakes.  I’Ve chopped, diced, cut and sliced at this table.  And oh the meals we’ve eaten at this table!   H the laughter that has been shared as bread has been broken as we sat around this table!

No table will ever really replace this one.  Not really because there are too many memories with this one.  And they aren’t all my memories either.  This is where Beloved came to terms with cancer, marked a million papers and penned lectures. It’s where he has his tea, scones and bagels.  He’s made pasta on this table and coloured in books with the kids.

This table is more than a table, its memories and events.  And the fact that it gave up when loaded with food for a party is both sad and good.  Sad because well I love this table,  good in that it gave up when we had friends here, friends who know how to fix things, unlike the two of us.  I’m crossing my fingers that one of our friends can fix this so it can serve us in a new way, a smaller burden to carry on it going forward I dare say.

To be honest, prior to this event, I never gave the table much of a thought.  I took it for granted, assuming it would always be there for us.  And then when I realized it might need to be removed I started thinking all the things I’ve been through with this table.  I guess that seems silly, some might say it’s just some furniture, but to me, it’s a part of my life.


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