Tents, Beavers and Magic

I have a tent city in my living room.  I didn’t plan on having a tent city any where on my property, not my living room or my lawn.  But I’m okay with this tent city.  It’s not a typical tent city.  For starters the tent city is filled with small people, a total of four little people.  Each child demanded his/her own tent.

Beloved  was on tent making duty, well it started  with pillow forts and somehow became tents.  Not the most outdoors of people, Beloved simply tossed blankets over the pillow creations.  The children were thrilled with this.  Each claiming one as individual property, where toys and books were promptly stored.

You’d think the kids were staying over for more than half a day.  I mean forts and tents and stuff stored away.  Oh and a living room I didn’t recognize, a refrigerator that was suddenly more empty than full because apparently food in forts and tents tastes a million times better than when it’s served at the table! 😉

Somewhere in the midst  of the tents was Beloved.  I could hear his voice, racing from the sounds of it, about Paddy The Beaver.  Now and then tiny wiggles could me noticed in the tents.  Tiny ones though so as not collapse the walls.  After all Beloved is not an architect! 😉

A small part of me was jealous, has never made a pillow fort for me.  Nor has he built me a tent in the living room.  Granted it’s not exactly what I’d want, but I was jealous of how quickly he found his inner child.  How easily he slipped down the hole and into the world of pillows being walls, sheets forming tents and the magic of Paddy The Beaver.  Maybe later on he’d share the magic with me! 😉


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