Favorites, Food and Friends

My favourite ethnic restaurant in town closed its doors.  I’m not sure if this is a permanent thing or the owners are in a vacation back home.  I haven’t been to the restaurant in a few weeks.  A friend sent me a text after deciding to follow my recommendation to try the place, and then discovered it was closed.  As in lights off, doors locked, chairs on the tables.  As in closed and not open for food any time in the next few hours.

Closed as in suddenly I want their delicious rice pilaf.  I need to have the delicious dips, fresh pitas and stuffed vine/grape leaves.  My taste-buds demand the spiced meat which has been cooked to perfection served with a zingy garlic sauce.  My mouth waters at the thought of refreshing salads, cool cucumber dips and herbs too many to mention.  My mouth literally began altering at the thoughts of this.

Beloved mourned the loss of flaky pattern with sweet honey,  it’s and spices.  He yearned for the declines version of fruit salad which is served with a bit of slushy fruit juice and roasted nuts.  Sometimes he also has the special creamy topping with the fruit.

It’s funny how the minute you know you can’t have something, you suddenly desire it with a burning passion that can be consuming.  Well okay, to be honest, it’s not funny when you are faced with the hunger and no way to end it with exactly what you want.  Now you can either yearn for what you can’t have, which sometimes is the best option.  Or you can try to recreate it yourself, this can be a good thing or a disaster.

Beloved and my friends decided to try and recreate some of my favourite foods.  Mostly because I’ve been struggling with pain and energy levels.  And because I decided to not pretend to be better than I really feel anymore.  Because I can’t.  It’s too much.  Just like finding out my favourite foods aren’t just around the corner and up the hill from us.

And these lovely people made their version of my favourite dips, bought pitas, tried to recreate the fruit salad and son on.  Did it taste the same?  No of course not.  But it did taste full of love and that makes it taste special in its own way!  And to be honest, it may have a different flavor, but it’s still great!



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