Sometimes It is… But It Isn’t Always

Sometimes it is lupus.  As in the reason I stayed in bed is lupus.  As in lupus is hyperactive and on a roll.  As in nothing seems to stop lupus.  Now it isn’t always that way, but when it is it seems like forever.

Sometimes it is lupus.  As in the reason I have dust bunnies is because lupus stole my energy and suddenly vacuuming just isn’t impossible.  Or maybe vacuuming is possible, but frankly in the grand scheme of things it just isn’t that important.  I mean sure dust bunnies need to be dealt with, but if that’s the biggest worry in life, then you have it made.

Now I will be honest, I have bigger worries than dust bunnies, but worry about the stuff doesn’t solve anything.  So I just cope as best I can and hope the dust bunnies don’t reproduce faster than I can keep up. 😉

Sometimes it is lupus.  As in why I have rosy red cheeks.  Sometimes I have extra rosy red cheeks.  At least that way I look healthy even if I’m not feeling that way! 😉

Sometimes it is lupus.  As in this is why Beloved and I have decided to just enjoy the day rather than worry about all those pesky errands.  Because lupus has a way of reminding us both to stop and just enjoy.  Lupus reminds me that it is the little things in life, that matter most.  That the only race I’m in, is one I’m running on my own with myself.

Sometimes it is lupus, as why I’ve developed an uncanny knack at medical terminally and such.  Really it is a bit of a marvel considering I studied literature, theology and history…no science in there.  And yet lupus has taught me to care about biology and to understand the words and processes that come with it.

So yes sometimes it is lupus, but it isn’t always all lupus all the time.


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