Stuck In Between My Adult Self And Inner Child

My inner child is having a party today.  A party complete with music, dance, crafts, activities and a bouncy castle.  My inner child invited all of her imaginary friends, some of which aren’t even human.  Apparently this party included large doses of sugar to keep the inner child and friends in energy to spare!

now who doesn’t love a good party?  Other than me, when I’m not invited and my inner child is.  You see my inner child will simply get set for the party without care or concern for what I have planned for the day.  Like today.  A meeting with an accountant.

Pas I’ve mentioned before, I’m deathly allergic to math, so when I have to meet with the number crunchers, I have to be able to really focus.  Focus is not possible when my inner child is giggling uncontrollably and bouncing on her tiptoes.  It’s just not possible.  Which makes for a rough time all around.

And since someone let my inner child have al that sugar, my inner child managed to slip into a tantrum.  Honestly it wasn’t me and it it’s totally my inner child’s fault that I said the coffee sucked.  The adult me would never be so vocal about dreadful coffee.  Sure she might think that the coffee sucks, but she wouldn’t loudly announce it in full Cafe.

thankfully the tantrum vanished once my inner child saw cookies.  Who can remain in a tantrum when there are lovely cookies to be had?  Neither my adult self nor my inner child can hold onto that mode around cookies.  And there was the perfect song to listen to while munching on cookies.  Unfortunately my inner child decided to dance, my fractured adult foot was against this.  I’m pretty sure my adult doctor would say the same thing.

And now I’m adult self is tired from the party the inner child threw.  But there is a mess to clean up and I’m not even going to ask how an elephant got in here.


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