Bountiful Blooms

Belved’s niece had gotten it into her heard to fill her garden with cheerful daisies.  So last year she out in an entire, huge section of nothing but white daisies.  When the flowers bloomed it was a sea of bobbing white heads with yellow, sunshine faces in that section.  It looked amazing from a distance and somewhat overwhelming up close.

She had so many daisies she filled vases with them and plunked these now filled vases in all the rooms in her house.  Some rooms held several vases brimming with the cheerful daisies.  And still there was what seemed like an unending  supply of blooms in her garden.

Apparently she got tired of her view so she started cutting down the flowers, and dropping them off with friends and family.  Beloved came home with an arm full of daisies and hasn’t stopped sneezing.  I’ve placed the flowers n four different vases and scattered them throughout the house for bursts of cheerfulness!

And I Must confess to suffering from the same affliction as Beloved’s niece does.  I’ve been known to want an entire section full of wild poppies.  I love riot of color and joy when they all come out in bloom.  But they all die at the same time too so there is that to consider.  Of course I never cut any of the poppies to bring into the house, I just left them to their wild and carefree ways in the garden.

Restraint doesn’t come easy for me and I suspect that in nature restraint only happens based on soil, sun and location.  Wildlife may help contain the seas of naturally occurring wildflower, but I still come across these brilliant, vibrant swaths of color when I’m out and about. Because really, in the vastness of this land, swaths of cheerful color and heavenly perfume seems just right, nature’s own poems.


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