Clouds, Sunshine, And A Lupus Day

A tiny puddle of sunshine stubbornly resisted being erased by the incoming clouds.  Somehow both dogs managed to claim the puddle for themselves.  Well let’s put it this way, each managed to get a few body parts in the sunshine. 😉

I wasn’t jealous of the dogs having the puddle.  I had no desire to let the sun splash its rays down on me.  Not today.  You see today I woke up feel like a truck had run over me several times and before a pack of wild dogs decided to play tug-of-war with my body.  In other words I woke up knowing lupus had the upper hand.  So I decided the sun wasn’t in the picture for me.  No sense giving lupus more fuel.

At the same time, why should the dogs not have their fun in the sun?  And if the clouds cooperate all the better I say!  See, a silver lining n every cloud and all that! 😉

So while lupus may have made me slower today, it was the perfect day for the dogs to rest in a bit of sun and for me to be out with them and have nice shade.  It also was the perfect day to rest so yet again the weather cooperated.  To be honest the only thing that didn’t cooperate was Beloved needing us to drop some stuff off for him.  It got in the way of the whole slow and relaxed practice, especially since it means struggling to get the dogs in the car along with the box of stuff he needed.

After that, we all deserved a bit of rest and relaxation so the pain would settle a little for me and the dogs could just enjoy!


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