My Woodstock Moment With Peanuts

You know how there are all those “fun” tests to take that tell you what Harry Potter character you are?  As part of a course, we had to take a test as to which Peanuts character you are.

Now obviously we can’t all be Lucy and someone has to be Charlie Brown of course.  And I won’t say I was aiming for either of those, but Woodstock? I’m not really are how the test decided I was a little yellow bird who basically doesn’t speak a language anyone can understand.  Well anyone other than a very mischievous beagle that is.

I could see being ranked as Lucy.  I like to get caught up in my passions which can lead me to be a bit forceful with opinions.  Okay so actually downright bossy at times.  And yes I can be the best of all crabby people, but I mean honestly if people would just listen to Lucy and I there would be no issue! 😉

And we’ve all been Charlie Brown.  We’ve all had someone pull the ball out as we are getting ready to kick it.  Some of us have experienced this more than others. But we keep trying, we keep trusting because we want to believe in the good in people.

I’ve  even been Linus once or twice, complete with a need for security and the innocent hope that if I believe enough magic is still around us.  Oh come on, you may not admit it to anyone else but you too, my friend, have a security blanket of sorts.  Maybe you too have waited for the Great Pumpkin and the Easter Beagle.  Maybe in your innocence you’ve missed the undying attention of another friend! 😉

Granted I’d be the first person to say that there is a fair amount of Snoopy in me.  Imagination with an interest in history and the ability to be side tracked by good food.  Granted I’ve never eaten dog food, cooked it yes by mistake, but eaten it never.  And I do have a certain sense of comfort about my abode.  As in I know where it is and I am happy with it.

You see I can relate to some of these characters and as I get older I am beginning to feel more and more like the teacher, complete with the lack of communicating with the kids. Come to think of it, that might be why I became Woodstock.



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