Living The Lupus Life With Luck

So I’m getting old.  And not just old the way we all age each day, each year.  Old as in the dog stepped on my foot and gave me stress fractures.  Old as in I’m unable to open certain bottles or tie my shoes at times.

Is it getting old?  Nope not really.  The reality is lupus, my medication to combat lupus, arthritis and such have and continue to wreck havoc with things I can or cannot due.  But not always.  And it isn’t hopeless.  Actually it has taught me patience and humility.  Simply because I am forced to ask for help and support during these times.

Lupus has introduced me to some wonderful people, people I otherwise would never have met.  Amazing doctors, nurses, orderlies, pharmacists and so on.  People who have made a career in caring for others, helping those who need help and sometimes won’t admit it.

Lupus has also introduced me to fellow lupus Warriors.  Amazing women, men and children who handle this unpredictable illness with grace, fire and determination that encourages me when I need it most.  These people have accepted me as is, get the word symptoms and such that come with this chronic illness and provide creative and helpful suggestions in managing the illness and staying true to myself.

So well May 10th may be World Lupus Day, every day is a challenge and opportunity to stretch and find a new flex strength I didn’t know I had.


4 thoughts on “Living The Lupus Life With Luck

  1. I love your outlook on living with lupus. I must agree with you, having lupus has allowed me to meet some pretty awesome men and women, awesome lupus warriors. And they do make living life with lupus a little less difficult. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I refuse to believe that any chronic illness is all horrible with no positives. I’ve been blessed to meet and be encouraged by so man awesome people!

      • I need to change my outlook on things. For the longest I blamed lupus for every bad thing happening in my life. I see now that having that attitude on life didn’t help much of anything. Thank you, your positive outlook inspires me.

      • I have been there, where everything bad is lupus so to speak. You too will find you balance of positive moments, just find those who help and go from there! 😊

        You already are positive in looking at your approach with lupus!

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