Cooking Up Tunes

Often, when I’m creating cooking in my lab kitchen I like to have music to keep me company.  The type of music is varied and often times is dictated by the invention recipe.  No I don’t hear voices as per say, but let’s face it some food needs upbeat or carefree music and other food requires the dignity of classical pieces.  And if the ingredients don’t tell me what to play, I will base it completely on my mood.

Beloved has learned toc determine some of the food based on the tunes playing.  Classical is reserved for challenging, elegant types.  These almost never seem to be able to pull enough inspiration from the music to really reach elegant.  But that happens when you are creating in the kitchen now and then.

If it’s pop type music chances are it’s fun food.  Bruce Springsteen means pasta is involved.  Huey Lewis and the News means comfort American food.  Marvin Gaye will guarantee grilled food.  Etta James means there is going to be something with beaten egg white.  Jazz?  Sandwiches of some sort.  Blues?  Soup.  Music from the 60s means ethnic food of all sorts.  But the best is the innocent style of the 59s.  Then it tends to be a pure creation based on things we like and what is in the house.

If Barry White is playing it means Beloved is cooking and I’m just doing the prep wrk.Swing music?  I’m making a fancy coffee.

One of these days, with the right ingredients and the right song, my food may actually get up and dance with me.  Hey as it is when classical music is playing the flour knows it needs to make large dusting clouds to fill the room.  I just need to train the rest of the stuff.

But right now I need to rescue Bobby and James Purify from the oven and get ready to pop in Leslie Gore!


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