Windswept With Unconditional Love

The dogs decided they needed to be outside, in the wind.  Facing the wind as much as possible.  I suspect to take in all the different smells.  Their eyes apparently didn’t appreciate this way of spending time.

Of course if the dogs want to spend time outside it means they want to spend time outside with a human.  Apparently it’s no fun without one of those to help you spend your time.

There are scratches behind the ears to be had.  Lots of chin scratches and belly rubs.  And depending upon the human in question, lots of treats.  For the record, I’m not the human with copious amounts of treats.  I know this yo be true after doing laundry one day and discovering both of Beloved’s front jean pockets to be filled with dog treats.  And after stealing his jacket when we were out one night, because although I may not have a jacket that goes with my outfit, but somehow his jacket even if it is too big goes, I found a pocket full of dog bones.  Yep I know he’s buying their affection.

The thing is, this human isn’t really a fan of sitting on the wind.  Especially cold winds.  Or wet winds, the kind filled with rain.  And yet I do.  Sit in that wind I did because they wanted to be outside.  And of course I love them, unconditionally.


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