Being Read It’s All In The Palm, or Is It

It would seem that I’m in for a turbulent next few years.  Beloved decided I should have my palm read.  He had his read earlier in the day and was rather impressed with the reader so he thought she should read mine too.

She told me that I’m going to have a turbulent time for the next few years, and also informed me that my future could go either way, especially in the love department.  Fairly easy to make vague statements that can turn out either way.  And with the vague statements a seed can be planted.  One that will have me evaluating events to see how they fit into her words.

I was not impressed with this reading.  Not in the least.  But then she started telling me things that no one else knows.  Things that not even Beloved knows.  Things that aren’t vague.  Things I don’t have to make fit because I already know this and have seen the evidence.

That was when she startled me when she told me she thought I had untapped skills.  I have heard this before having my cards and leaves read.  I have been told that once I embrace or accept this my life will open and Flourish.  She impressed me when she said that other have given me this message and my sceptical nature prevents me from doing anything with this information, but like it or not I do use these skills every day, in a very simple way.

Too bad I can’t find the winning lottery numbers!  Of course from what I’ve heard it never works that way.


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