Honest My Immune System is Killer

I was at my doctor’s office the other day.  This isn’t anything new, frankly with chronic illnesses like lupus,  believe we should get frequent visiting miles and such given the number of visits we make.  To be honest I’m pretty sure my visits alone account for a far amount of my doctor’s billing hours. 😉  Okay so that’s probably not even close to the truth, especially given how often I opt not to visit him, but it seems that way compared to “healthy” or “normal” friends.

Anyway what was new at the office is the receptionist.  Or rather the lack there of.  It appears that the receptionist has been replaced with a tablet.  Granted it’s a very nice and slick-looking tablet.  But it’s a tablet nonetheless.  Meaning that all the people going to see the doctor must touch the tablet to check in.

Without fail there is always someone hacking up a lung and spreading germs galore when I go to the doctor’s.  Maybe I’m just lucky that way.  This always makes me cringe because I take immune suppressing medication.  Meaning I’m knocking down my immune system because lupus has put it in over drive.  Which means that basically with lupus I have a superhero immune system that must be kept busy at all times.  That’s why it attacks my body.  It needs to be a hero.  So I take medications to keep my superhero immune system in check.  But this is a fine balance that I have yet to get just right.

In other words my immune system gets knocked back a bit too much and then I go to the doctor’s office and am exposed to germs.  Germs that clearly my superhero system would destroy without breaking a sweat.  Except I’ve tied it to a chair with heavy chains. And made it wear a blind fold.  Oh and I hit it over the head, hard.  So yeah basically these germs somehow get the uppermost and.

And now my doctor has installed a communal tablet.  Sure there is hand sanitizer nearby and sure I basically douse my body in it.  But how on earth did anyone think this was a good idea?  A doctor’s office.  You know, a place for sick people.  Communal tablets.  Yeah not my idea of anything good.

Now I adore my doctor, I really do.  He’s become a good friend in some ways.  Given the number of times we visit, I know a lot about him.  And when I’m with friends I tend to lose tact.  I tend to say whatever I’m thinking without considering how the receiver might feel.  So naturally the first thing I had to discuss was the whole tablet deal.  Which, for the record, is apparently not his idea of anything good either.  He did promise to have single use gloves out near the tablet as well.  For future visits of course.

I’m pretty sure without lupus I wouldn’t think the communal tablet was such a bad thing.  I’m pretty sure without lupus, at times, I’d be a nicer person.  Pain and exhaustion see, to bring out the less than best side of me.


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