Betrayal By Coffee, or High Tea With Lupus

I was supposed to attend a high the today.  But I forgot.  Until it was time to be there.  And then, well, it was too late because one does not make grand entrances for high tea.  Or so I’ve been told.

I knew when I got up this morning that we had high tea scheduled.  I think I even mentioned it as a reminder to Beloved as I lurched towards the beverage of the gods, that great elixir called coffee.  Or maybe I just thought I mentioned it.  Life can be a bit confusing before coffee.

So I went from knowing, even in that pre-coffee haze of whatever life is called at that stage, to forgetting.  Forgetting after I was out of the pre-coffee haze when anything is possible because I think differently.  Coffee let me down friends.  Betrayed me somehow.

Or was it the dogs.  You see the wee beasties required a walk, also known as a million sniffs mixed in with a few steps here and there.  So I wrangled them up as one sometimes does with dogs that forgot how much they enjoy walks.  Maybe because mine don’t.  Enjoy walks that is.  What they enjoy is the million sniffs, or finding mud.  Walking, not so much. But I digress.

Somehow with all that intense sniffing and snuffling I lost track of high tea.  I may have lost track of my sanity too, but it’s debatable as to if I ever had any.  There were three trees in particular today that required a thorough sniffing over by each dog.  Followed with great snuffling around the same area.  We went maybe seven steps forward, just to turn back and make sure what we thought we smelled was in fact what we smelled.  We did this a few times.

I even pointed out squirrels, hoping they’d take an interest and take chase.  Not because I like being drug along like a too-heavy boat anchor, but because it would be something different.  By the time they grew tired of this game and headed for home I was feeling bone weary and exhausted.  So home was a good thing.

What wasn’t a good thing was letting the dogs know I was going to stretch out for a few minutes.  The dogs take is to mean I’m dying or some other such variation on the topic.  I’m pretty sure the reason they will stay where ever I’m resting is to see if, when I’m dead, they get more treats!  😉

Okay so not entirely fair because they know when I’m not well and they stay near me.  Comforting me even when I’m not aware that’s what I need.  And so because they do this, well for that reason and another, tea time didn’t cross my mind.  Until I heard the clock chime out the time and remembered that it was time for high tea.  As in tea was to be served at that time.

I phoned Beloved, explained to him that once more he’d be solo in some social setting because I could barely move.  I assured him no reason to come home, I just needed to not move.  So he attended high tea and I contemplated why energy wasn’t something you could just get more of.  You can order just about anything else online these days so why not energy?  And new joints?  Just to make life easier for those days when lupus isn’t playing nice.

except maybe lupus was playing nice because I’m not a huge fan of tea the way Beloved is.  So maybe lupus decided to exact her price now and allow me to miss high tea because she knows I have no clue how to select the right tea or eat those tiny sandwiches in a fitting and dainty manner.  Speaking of which, Beloved came home with said sandwiches and scones and offers to make me tea..


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