Path To Perfection, of Potatoes or Venerating The Veggie

Beloved worships at the field of the sacred potato.  Okay he doesn’t really, but where potatoes are concerned, to Beloved they are sacred things.  Sacred enough to be ingested after being lovingly enrobed in rich, golden butter.  Topped with delicate sprinkles of sparkling white salt and a dusting of black pepper.

Of course he will add other things now and then to the potato.  I suspect it depends on what the potato priest demands of him.  Regardless, at the end of this worship, the potato is held in the sacred potato vessel also known as Beloved’s stomach. 😉

I, on the other hand, do not attend the holy church of the sacred potato.  I could do without almost daily worship of potato, which to Beloved is pure blasphemy utters from my lips.  So in an attempt to allow him to meet or even exceed his religious obligations, I search for new ways to prepare the scared tuber.  Hey this way he gets to worship the thing and I can stop my tastebuds from stage a revolution.

Speaking of revolution, I’m pretty sure my tastebuds demand that I worship at the House of Cake and Pious Pastries.  Course my hips would revolt if I took daily devotions there! 😉

Anyway back to the potato and the never-ending veneration of said vegetable.  In a fit of homesickness, or maybe just because I was running out of time, I decided to make potato salad.  Until Beloved lived in America the man had never had potato salad.  Now to me that’s just odd, especially for a man who loves them ever so much.  But it’s true.

Of course there are a million different ways to make potato salad because it really is a matter of taste.  So I figured whatever was already in the kitchen would work.  Some sour cream, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, chives, honey and smoky mustard happened to be on hand.  And thus were they used to dress the cooked potatoes.  and so it was that the potatoes, thusly dressed were consumed andBeloved was able to still worship at the field of the holy potato.

And I, friends, am on a quest to find more potato recipes.  I consider this now to be my version of the quest for the holy grail, complete with horrors and temptations to get me side tracked.  But surely the perfect potato recipes are out there, waiting to be worshipped by the most zealous of followers on the Path of the Potato! 😉


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