Mystical Music Makes For Conversation

A dear friend from work invited me to a new cafe that did not allow anyone under the age of twenty-five in it.  Not because tasty adult beverages were served either, but because the place encourages face-to-face conversations.  Apparently people are unable to do this these days if they are under twenty-five. 😉

Intrigued, we made arrangements to meet that afternoon.  Much to my surprise the cafe had no one at the door checking IDs.  And yet looking around the place there wasn’t anyone under thirty-something!  😉

We placed our orders, choosing from over fifty different types of coffee and twenty types of tea.  We sat down at a comfortable table and as we sometimes do, we started talking.  My friend pulled out her cell-phone to turn it to vibrate and discovered that she couldn’t get cell service.  The server verified that the building had been constructed to prevent cell service in an effort to encourage conversation.  She also told us that in five minutes we would understand why people under a certain age didn’t come in, as she hurried back with our spoons.

True to her words, in five minutes soft music, music from my childhood, started playing in the background.  😉  I noticed people singing to the music, others swaying in their chairs and everyone commenting on what had been fashionable back then.

And it hit me, that for most people the music we listen to draws lines which tend to indicate a person’s age.  Of course not a hard fast rule, after all I love the doo wop music from the fifties and sixties, but still.

We had a wonderful afternoon of great conversation, music and dance.  And the coffee wasn’t that bad either.  I may just drag Beloved to the cafe so he can do his whole can’t touch this routine.  Pure comedy and inspiration, it is.  At any rate I like following this lead of conversation and songs of the past!


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