Interlopers Of Nature’s Peace And Calm

There is something peaceful about gently gliding across the water, barely making any ripples.  Perhaps it is the fact that wildlife carries on as if you aren’t there.  Maybe it’s the fact that you don’t have to raise your voice to be heard over a loud motor.  Or maybe it’s that you can take your time and enjoy the views that surround you.

I can get lost in the rhythmic movements of ripples made from paddles in the water.  I love the gentle swishing noises as you move through almost still water.  Small waves, or large ripples, gently caress the sides of your craft.

Beloved had agreed, somewhat begrudgingly, to join me on the water earlier today.  It was one of those rare days here with lots of blue sky and only a few thin, wispy clouds off in the distance.  A warm gentle breeze made the leaves have the barest of flutters.  Beloved isn’t a huge fan of being on the water this way.  He says if humans were meant to travel the water we’d be equipped with fins and a way to breathe under water.

Of course when I point out he has describe Scuba diving, he just rolls those lovely eyes of his and says “ach” almost under his breath.  He will, in these rare occasions when it appears that the sun may actually stay out, agree for a wee trip in a canoe.  He is pretty much against kayaks, holding firm to the belief that once you are upside down in one, it’s all over with.  He says kayaks turn human’s into turtles. 😐

So a canoe ride it was, along with a camera in case we say something that needed to be snapped.  Beloved chose the rear, leaving me in with the front section and thus an unobstructed view of everything.  Ducks and geese seemed to tolerate us, just making sure the unwieldy thing was given a wide berth.

I was enjoying myself, even if some bugs had decided that sunscreen was a sticky trap and this seems unable to leave my hands.  Maybe sunscreen is a sticky trap, although it didn’t feel that way to me.  I wasn’t too worried about it, these were those thing little ones and besides the rest of the views were simply too distracting in a good way.

It was the loud splash followed by some serious muttering coming from behind me that interrupted the whole experience.  Beloved was suddenly without a paddle, which he swore was pulled under by some devious creature or duck.  Given that the paddle was floating just over there it was apparent that the devious monster or duck had decided the paddle was of no use and thus let it go.

I manovered over to the floating paddle, Beloved tentatively leaned over the edge and managed to snag the paddle to bring it back on board.   Somehow this very process made him get drenched, which was kind of funny considering he never left the boat.  He was not amused was he wrung water out of his sleeves, glaring at the paddle now at the bottom of the canoe.

With a certain air of entitlement he informed me that I had to take us home immediately.  He had to get in the shower now.  So I paddled us back wondering how it was I always ended up being the sole person paddling while he sat looking regal and drowned all at once.

He had managed to ruin the peacefulness of the after, the ducks and geese scattering away from us as f they knew there was something not right with him.  He glared the whole trip back to shore, staring down every duck or goose insight I’m sure.  The seagulls flying above seemed to be laughing, or so I thought as we made our way back to land.

Once on land it was clear that not only was his shirt wet, so was part of his pants,  and he had a bit of mud just there, on his cheek. We couldn’t get home fast enough for him.  Out of his clothes and into the shower in record time I dare say.  That record time including getting his clothes in the washing machine with soap.  😮

After his shower he spent a long time brushing his teeth before a fully cleaned and dried Beloved joined me in the reading room.  I raised an eyebrow in question and he said, “water.  In my mouth.  It splashed in my mouth.  Water, the very stuff the waterfowl swim in.  And eat in and bathe in.”

I tried hard not to giggle, rather to remain calm and peaceful like the first leg of our journey had been.  But the thought of him with waterfowl feather in his mouth made me giggle with great tears in my eyes.  Not even his vow to stay on dry land could curb my laughter.

Eventually he too started to chuckle, but he assured me that we wouldn’t be heading to the lake any time soon again for peace and calm.  Which was fine with me because I had had my fill and even managed to be entertained by the man who is always so proper getting rather soaked somehow in duck water!


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