Fresh Air, Do You Care

My mother used to say fresh air would help you sleep better.  I never really understood how simply being outside would help me sleep better later that night.  Whether I read a book in the house or read a book outside,  seem to sleep the same.  So I had always assumed this to be an excuse to get me outside.

And yet.  And yet friends who have small children say that they notice a difference if the children are outside during the day to how they sleep that night.  It’s apparently a deeper sleep and the potential for the child to sleep in the next morning is greatly increased.  But is it the outdoor air or is it the child playing himself to exhaustion?

You see here is what I don’t understand.  Animals live outside.  Some even spend their whole lives outside.  Do they sleep better than animals that go into borrows or dens or barns?  I have, on occasion, nursed an injured animal or two in my house.  I’ve even raised some orphans until they could manage on their own.  I didn’t notice a difference in how they slept.  But again I’m no expert so I may be missing the cues.

Does this mean if I want to stay awake longer or sleep fitfully I should not go outside?  By the way the dogs don’t seem any different if they have been outside or spent all day indoors.  Perhaps I shall have to send Beloved out for a period of time and then observe his sleep.

What do you think?  Does fresh air, even that with pollution, help people sleep better?


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