Waterscapes Of A Sort

Some people have swimming pools on their property.  Some of those swimming pools are big affairs.  We had an inflatable pool, for the dogs, but it didn’t last the whole season.  But some people have big pools, made of concrete.  He’s humans can swim and even dive in.

Clearly we are not those people with that kind of pool.  Because if we were those people, our dogs would be in that pool and not an inflatable pool.  And that’s not even because we’d want the dogs in the pool.  Nope, that would be because the dogs had made up their minds that they belonged there.

But we don’t have those problems, because as I said we don’t have a pool.  We do, however, have a canal.  Yep a canal.  They are all the rage I think, or will be.  I mean anyone can have a pool.  But a canal?  It takes a bold  person to dig a canal in their yard.  Especially when that person’s land doesn’t go into open water.  But these, my friends are minor things.  Because we have a canal.

We didn’t start off wanting a canal.  Wasn’t planned.  We simply ripped up some paving stones because we needed to re-level out the area.  The problem is once we ripped up these massive paving stones it rained.  Rain gathers in depressions.  Paving stones leave depressions in the earth.  Add a considerable amount more rain and viola, you too can have a canal.  If you do it right you can even have boats in your canal.  We do.  Granted they are small, paper boats, but hey.  It all starts with a dream!


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