Food For Thought

Belived came home with some freshly caught fish.  Not fish he caught, because I have a feeling he’d feel a need to set the fish free.  He doesn’t, however, have any issue with bringing home a fish someone else has caught and cleaned/dressed.  Maybe it has to do with the eyes.  Maybe the fish looks at him with those innocent doe-like eyes and he is compelled to send it back home, back to freedom.

It was a lovely fish and he had grand plans to grill it with some lemons and dill.  With brilliant sun and not a cloud in the sky he decided to fire up the outdoor grill and cook the fish out there.  This is a nice touch, when the weather cooperates because then the whole house doesn’t smell like, well, fish…cooked fish.

He managed the whole prep work outside as well.  With some assistance from the four-footed ones of course.  The minute they discovered what was in the package he brought home they were stuck to him like glue.  Well actually they followed the fish and it just so happened he was the one who moved the fish to the great outdoors.

He was a bit occupied outside with slicing lemons and chopping dill.  Bravery he had turned his back on the dogs.  And the fish.  Now the dogs love fish.  They adore fish. But they’d prefer that it’s cooked.  They just keep forgetting this tiny little detail.  It’s just a small thing really.  Except when they act on their desire for the fish.  Before it is cooked.  Then it’s a huge deal.  Like today.

They grabbed the now open package and took it out under the tree where they suddenly remembered they don’t like sushi style fish.  Not one bit.  Not even with a coating of dirt and bugs.

The thing is, we aren’t fans of dirt and bug crusted fish either.  Certainly fish that has been in the mouths of the dogs, which I know some might call extra seasoning.  So the lovely fish that was supposed to be cooked on the grill with lemons and dill was n t be.  But it’s the thought that counts right? 😊


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