Picnic Problems

They say when you have a picnic, the ants will find their way in case you forgot to send them invitation.  After all, no picnic is complete without all the right elements:  food, weather, company, blanket and ants.  Ants somehow make the picnic complete.

And yet knowing this, I’d just as soon not share my picnic with ants.  I know that sounds mean, rude and in fact arrogant.  And I mean really who am I to say that the ants aren’t allowed to partake of a picnic?  And I don’t really want to say no to ants at all picnics, just that I’d prefer to not have them at mine.  I know, it’s a horrible thing to say…but it’s the truth.

So when I was invited to a picnic, my first thought was how to ensure the ants wait their turn, like until I’m gone.  It’s not as if you can ask the host “So have you figured out how to relocate the ants?”  Well okay so technically you can ask that question, even provide some suggestions on how to get ride of the ants.  But it’s not really appropriate.  Besides, some people need ants at their picnics.

Now thankfully it turns out that this picnic I was invited to happens to be indoor and no sitting on the ground.  So for me the ant deal is not really an issue at this picnic.  But there will be other ones and right now the best answer I’ve managed to find for the ants to still have a picnic and not cause a major issue on my part is to out a little picnic out just for them.  A little distance between mine and theirs, but still somewhere near by each other.  Hey it’s the little this!


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