Sun To Shade Routine

The dogs each foun a patch of sunlight for themselves so they could get on with sunbathing.  Or in their case, sleeping on the sun-warmed grass.  I knew it wouldn’t last long, they’d start to roll around to look for a cool spot and soon they’d wake up and wander offer to a shady patch to flop down in until they got cold and sought out a warm sunny spot.

It was one of those rare, sunshine filled days here.  The kind where you can do a lot in the garden without being stuck in mud.  I had gone out with the dogs to tend to the insane tulip patch, over 95 plants in a small area, when the dogs went in search of the sun.  The tulips would be amazing if even only briefly as they are so delicate and the wind here can be rather unforgiving.  But they would be a moment of riotous color.

Other plants were getting bigger, preparing for when they’d do their own showy color displays.  That is as long as I didn’t decide to weed and accidentally pull up the wrong thing.  I’m sure the plants cringe when they see me coming.  But today wasn’t about removing anything, just a quick check and a moment to relax and enjoy the sun.

I watched the clouds sail across the sky in no big hurry to get where they were going.  I watched robins and sparrows find perches in the lacy tree branches from which they would serenade the area.  Magpies stopped by for a quick drink in the bird bath before taking off again  in a great hurry.

There is something rather relaxing, I discovered, about bird song, soft breezes and snoring dogs.  It’s all so ordinary and, well, just every day sounds of life.

When the two four-footed ones had enough of the sun-shade routine we headed back in the house to the less ordinary or soothing sounds of squeaky toys being squeaked non-stop as if the two of them were making their own music.  I tried to get them back outside, but apparently they had their fill of the great outdoors so squeaks all around were had f a few more minutes before they found another comfortable place to relax, fall asleep and start to make their sleepy barks.  And instead of watching clouds move across the sky, I picked up around the house and wondered why we didn’t stay out longer.  Because I could have used more outside, except the amount of what needed picking up would have grown to almost unmanageable.  The dogs knew this, that’s why we came in.

Maybe next time they won’t spread so many toys throughout the house so we can enjoy the sun-shade deal a little longer.  I’m not holding my breath, but you never know.


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