In My Head

I had mentioned, in passing the way you sometimes do during medical appointments, about the headaches that seem visit once a week.   Was frankly more worried about the neck pain that was getting in the way of little things, like walking or moving my head.  You know, those things we like to do now and then?

The doctor was more concerned about weekly headaches than he was about my neck because as he put it the neck problems were part of the arthritis he had found before in my neck.  Things were “advancing” in “that department”.  Can’t be helped much since it’s all just lupus and life he had said before showing great interest in my headache.

Headaches can be a symptom of a whole host of underlaying issues he said with a slight smile.  My doctor, you see, loves a good mystery so he was rather excited about the mystery of my headaches.

He sent me for scans and eye exams and on and on it went.  He ruled out lack of sleep, stress and grinding teeth at night.  Nothing out of order with my jaw alignment.  Nothing to do with ergonomics nor medication.

He still hasn’t sorted them out, not yet.  I’m sure he will because he’s a bit like a dog with a bone when it comes to these things.   In the interim he suggested a head massage and wrote out the paperwork for one, including the place he recommended.

Knowing im a skeptic, he asked me to give it a try or two before making up my mind.  So I went, very skeptic all as to how this would work with my headache, which basically seems to be a stabbing thing behind my eye and pain all across he top of my head.  Then again it may not be that, it’s kind of hard to know what the pain is like when it simply hurts to think or do anything.

So I went off for the first massage.  The therapist was a sweet, kindly sort of woman who puts you at ease.  She explained to be the process of this Craniosacral Therapy.  She said it showed a great deal of success in treating headaches and preventing reoccurrence even if Western Medicine can’t explain why.  It didn’t cure my headache, although it did lessen it you several degrees to a point where it was barely noticeable.  The experience  wasn’t dreadful and I have at least one more session to go.  So who knows, maybe by then my headaches will just disappear!


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