Omens or The Start Of My Day

A  black cat crosses your path?  Oh boy you better be careful, it’s bad luck.   See a raven or two, or maybe three?  Not a good sign, not at all.

Spiders bring all sorts of bad luck, not just when you kill them either.  You see a spider seen in the morning is sure to an omen that grief shall pay you a visit.  An afternoon sighting means you will have a bout of anxiety.  Think seeing a spider in the evening is better?  Well as long as you aren’t attached to having money you may be right.  But if you want more, want to make money, well sadly a spider at night is just flat-out the worst news you can imagine.

Owls are a sign of death.  If you hear one hoot three times the call is for you.  Or so they say.  Of course we say the same about crows especially if seen on the left of a person.

And that, my friends, takes me to my trip to work the other morning.  Now I live in the city so the typical animals I see are dogs and cats.  Sparrows and magpies.  Oh and pigeons.  That’s kind it unless you want to discuss the insects, which I’d rather not.

And yet recently on my way to work I had two crows fly by me so closely that I could reach out and touch them.  They were on my left side by the way.  I was just minding my own business, a bit lost in my thoughts, when swoosh these two black, shiny crows came up close to me.  Startled me mostly unpleasantly.

This little interruption of my thoughts was followed up very shortly by three rabbits crossing my path.  Three of them, one right after the other.  They were in a hurry.

Now I know seeing a hare isn’t good.  It’s incredibly bad luck to have a hare cross your path.  But these were rabbits.  And there were three of them.

Three is a sacred number, it’s the number of perfection after all.  So maybe, just maybe these omens were not a bad thing.  I went about my day as normal, nothing unusual happened so either the rabbits aren’t in any way impacted by the hare rule and the crows weren’t ideal for the rule either.

And then again, maybe omens are more or less guidelines, not exact rules.  After all they were considered signs that would, at some point, become truth.


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