Splitting Hairs Really

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  We each have our own definition of what makes a time desperate just as we all have our own definition of what constitutes a desperate measure.

Personally I see nothing desperate at all about wanting to invite my stylist to move in with us.  It’s honestly not my fault I was hard of hearing and felt a bit unsteady on my feet.  Honestly that’s all it was! 😉  I did not, despite how it appears, ignore her words or drag her into my house.  What kicking and screaming?  No no my friends she wasn’t kicking or screaming, she was dancing and shouting with joy.

Or was that me?! I promise to keep her fed and watered.  You see no matter how many times she works with me, no matter how simple she makes it look, the disaster called my hair looks like  horror show.  So the way I see it, since it isn’t Halloween every day and I don’t have the  head for a hat this is the only option.  It’s for the good of the public after all!

How she does it is truly magic.  Somehow she can give it shape, life, volume and playfulness.  She is truly a marvel.  And since my hair is sort of a daily thing, and I really don’t want to bother her with having to come  to my place every day, it’s just ideal for her to stay her.  See, it’s really generous of me, not desperate.  Not at all right?


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