Blood Thristy or Looking At Innovation

It’s the season of the mosquito.  Which means I will be wearing full body armour for summer.  Yes it plays havoc with my tan, but what’s a girl to do when she dreads the bite of the blood thirsty insects?

I suppose I could drown myself in the appealing aroma of bug spray.  Nothing says summer romance like bug spray right?  I mean who can resist that chemical and overly cloying scent?

Oh yeah not only is it bug repellent, but also apparently people repellent too!

So m left with body armour or a bubble.  Frankly m leaning towards a bubble because we’ll who doesn’t want to live in a cool bubble for a bit?  You can roll yourself where ever as you need to.  I just haven’t figured out how to close the bubble and deal with coffee to go or driving.  Minor things though right?

The body armour might be the way to go, provided you don’t want a tan.  I’m okay without the whole tan deal.  This way I stay very very pale and can land a gig with NASA as a reflector or so.  Hey, a girl has to be practical!

Too bad mosquitoes aren’t cute.  Well guess they may be cute.  Just not to me.  And I realize it’s horrible to say, but I have to admit that I just can’t get myself sorts to accept them.  Maybe if they were cute and fuzzy with big eyes and floppy ears I might be a bit more okay with them coming to steal my blood.  On second thought, nope that won’t do it either!  I guess I will be stocking up on spray and armour while I try to find a magical bubble!


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