Sacrifice Of Summer, God And Barbeque

Sacrifice.  It means different things to different people.  I’m rather partial to this idea of sacrificing some food to appease or appeal to a deity.  I mean who doesn’t want to share a s’more when they are freshly made?  Most people find them irresistible.  Notice I said most, not everyone will like them.

I can live without them as far as the eating part goes.  I will gladly eat a warm, toasted marshmallow with soft and melting chocolate.  The graham cracker?  I can pass on that.  But what I cannot give up is the toasting of the marshmallow and this friends is where I excel at sacrifice. 😉

Not only will I give up my freshly made s’mores to someone, but I will toast and toast and toast marshmallows until there are no more to be toasted.  Not all of the marshmallows will be given to people though.  Some will be sacrificed.  Sacrificed to the flames, sending up a pleasing and sweet aroma for some deity to sniff.  Perhaps even tempt.

Now the Bible doesn’t explicitly express how God feels about toasted marshmallows or s’mores for that matter.  But the Bible does indicate that God finds the smell of roasting meat most pleasing.  So meat, on the flames, is an ideal sacrifice….or another way to look at it is that God finds the smell of barbecue most pleasing.  And what goes nicely with a bunch of barbecued meat?  Yep, you guessed it, s’mores.

Since I always manage to more than just char at least one marshmallow, that’s the first part of the sacrifice.  Simply toss on some chocolate and th graham cracker viola, a fully sacrificial s’more.  Now depending on the nature of the reason why you are making a sacrifice, perhaps a charred marshmallow will be enough!

So what if God isn’t into s’mores?  Is this possible?  Perhaps.  Surely, though, God will appreciate the dance of the flaming marshmallow that I tend to do at least once a season.  It’s a real treat as long as you don’t get too close, on account of really hot marshmallows have little traction to the stick.  By the way I can get some decent distance when these babies go airborne.  And there you have it, sacrifice my style!



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