Dirty Water

The problem with spring is rain.  The problem with rain is puddles.  The problem with puddles is that they tend to be filled with dirty water.  And the problem with dirty water you may be wonder is that it likes to stick to my car.  My car, it would seem, is a magnet for dirty water.

Dirty water dries and makes a huge mess on my car.  Now I get that I can’t expect my car to always be clean, but I’d like very much for it to be clean for more than half a day without me leaving it in the garage.  I have a car to drive.  Because a lot of my journeys are fairly lengthy and not practical to walk or ride my bike to get there.  Of course riding ones bike in the rain isn’t fun either.

So I wash the car.  I wipe it down and I polish the thing.  Because I like my car.  And then some bird decides to use my car for target practice.  Or some idiot driver decides to go speeding past me, splashing through the mud and the muck in the puddles.  And then I have to wash it, again.  Just to do the whole cycle over again and again and again.

Maybe I shouldn’t like my car so much and demand that the hospital send people around to my house for treatment!  Or move research closer to home.  I’m sure that these would all be feasible.  I’ll just cross my fingers and wait while I wipe off my car.  Again.


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