The Garden That Wasn’t

I bravely went to the store and bought some herbs to plant in the garden.  Rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, and dill all came home with me.  Well technically they were paid for first and then I brought them home with high hopes of putting them in my garden.

But I didn’t want to plant in a torrential downpour.  Although I guess I could let the pounding rain dig the holes for me.  But then all the soil would wash away.  I’d have clean herbs of course.  Beaten by the rain, planted in mud pits and now waterlogged.  But clean nonetheless.

So I put the little pots in my window and promptly forgot I was going to put them n the garden.  And surprise surprise, they seem to be doing well in my window.  Better in my window then when I have planted herbs in the dirt. In the earth, which is where I thought they wanted to be.  Obviously the soil is wrong here.

They like the soil in their little pots.  And apparently they aren’t fans of the weather outside.  They seem to like indoor weather much better than the normal outdoor stuff.  So I think I will keep them inside.  It’s not just that they enjoy it, but it makes it much handier when I’m cooking because they are right there.  It might be a bit too easy, given that I am now tossing herbs here there and everywhere.  But my taste-buds are tingling with new tastes!


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