Slow And Steady Is Better

Beloved has decided to increase the amount of fibre in his life.  Now he didn’t squire more cardigans or such.  Instead it’s his diet that has changed.

Heaven knows most people do not get enough daily fibre for ideal health.  We all have our own reasons for this, such as foods high in fibre may not suit our tastes.  We may not have money for more healthy foods.  We may not like the, um, side-effects shall we say when we increase our fibre intake.  Maybe its all  tied in with us not being as hydrated as we should be.  See there are many reasons why this happens.

So he created  shopping list after finding recipes to try and off he went.  Operation Fibre Filling has begun.  He prepared, he ate and he waited.  At first, well okay after the first meal, he said everything was fine with no noticeable  changes.  I guess he figured great things right away!

After a day of the new meal plans and increased water consumption he said he could sense a shift in his body.  Once the shift happened it came on strong and insistent.  Perhaps a little too much.  So he decided to do some research and discovered it should be a gradual increase in fibre in your diet.  Not a radical overhaul all at once.  Your body needs time to adapt and adjust to having more material to process.  Change, in other words, takes time to be consistent.

I suspect Beloved will be staying close to home for a little while, until he adjusts to this change.  Because at least at home he knows there is enough toilet tissue and an always available facility to use.  We are working on scaling back the rapid onset fibre increase to a more gradual and sustainable change.  Oh and here’s a tip, for the next little bit I’m sure that we will be increasing the use of toilet tissue so the stock in the stuff should rise!


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