Mud Treatments and Healing Waters

The dogs found mud today.  Well to be honest they found it the other day, but today it called to them.  It was irresistible.  It was the right consistency to roll in.  I guess it was like a spa treatment for them.

They coated their bodies in thick layers of the stuff, grinding it right into their skin with reckless abandon.  ONce they were adequately covered in the healing mud, they ran and walked around to let the heat of the sun work on the conditioning effects of their treatment.  Or if you want to look at it another way,  didn’t want mud throughout the house so I thought maybe we could dry it off.  Dried mud becomes dirt.  Dirt, n theory should be able to brushed out of their coats outside.  Once they had nicely brushed coats I could let them inside.

But the dogs understand spa day better than I do so when they found the pond they threw themselves in it.  What’s not to love about rinsing the mud treatment of fun no water that has herbs, or plant material, in it?  Healing waters always have a unique aroma right?  It wouldn’t be unreasonable to consider the smell of rotten vegetation as healing in some circles.  Or just disgusting.  Which, in my books means it must be working.

Interestingly the pond rose didn’t really get their coats shiny or clean.  Or pleasant to smell.  So we headed home where my idea of spa day for the dogs awaited them.  My version includes a nice relaxing soak in warm, clean water.   This is followed up with an invigorating fur treatment that gets right into the skin with much lather and clean smells.  We follow this up with an energizing treatment of running water.  Energizing is almost instant by the way as they start to walk around the spa room, also known as the bathtub, as soon as the running water makes contact with their bodies.

Then it’s time for a nice fluffy towel and massage which of course leads to a nice long nap in a comfortable bed.  While the spa attendant, also known as me, cleans up and enjoys the smell of clean dog So!


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