Our House According To The Dogs

In our house, socializing and  human touch is very important.  So is food and drink.  We value sleep and comfort in our house.  And squeaky toys reign supreme.  I’m pretty sure that’s how the dogs view lif in the house.  For all I know when they are barking, what they are really doing is telling other dogs about our house.  Then again they may just be barking.  I don’t speak dog.

You see the dogs love to visit with us.  Actually the dogs think they just like us and join into our conversations.  The also love to have people pet them, scratch behind their ears and rub their bellies.  That is the dogs want people to do that to the dogs.  They will actually brush up against you or push you with their noses just to start the touching process.  And no they aren’t shy.

Breaking bread, sharing meat or having a wee bit of kibble while the humans are eating is all seen as important to our four-footed ones.  If a human is eating, the four-footed ones must be there as well.  Not just hooping for fallout either, actually eating.

The dogs will settle for water out of their water dishes.  But they are more than willing to help you consume a latte or coffee.  If you prefer tea, they will watch you drink it, but they aren’t interested in helping make the stuff disappear.  Milk is acceptable for sharing from their perspective.  So is cream.  They aren’t interested in juice so that’s safe.

There are numerous places to curl up no catchup on some sleep if need be.  I’m not sure how it happened, but we now are the proud owners of several dog beds.  We have two dogs, but more than five beds.  They are scattered throughout the house in various rooms as well as in the car.  Yes you read that right.  I have a dog bed in the car.  Large enough for them to share.  Because why not?

Their favourite place to sleep however is on the human bed.  The huge bed.  The bed wi pillows and nice sheets.  They would prefer not to share that bed with us humans though.  They seem to think the human bed is designed for humans to pick them up and place them on the bed.  Perish the thought that us humans should sleep in the bed.

And those comfortable chairs and couches!  Yes please, especially if the humans aren’t home.  Although the humans agree on this one.  Comfort is important.

Okay so tweak a few things, get rid of the squeaky toys and you pretty much have the human side of things too!


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