Because The Dogs Care, Or What They Want

I am not spending enough time in the great outdoors.   Apparently not enough sunlight, freshly polluted air or lungs full of dust are part of my issue.  In fact kissing these items may be why my health isn’t at optimum levels.

At least the dogs would have you think that! 😉  The dogs have insisted on spending the bulk of the day outside, on the steps.  Because who doesn’t want to lounge on hard, cement stairs?  And to add to the ambience throw in wind gusts filled grit and dust.  Yep that’s just my idea of great day.  Like never, not really.  Not in my world.

Except the dogs.  Oh yes those two!  They cast a spell or something and suddenly I find myself on the steps with them, wind and all.  Well doing that and getting exercise going in and out of the house when they decided we need to be in.  Or out.  Over and over again.

Or perhaps they just are far more stubborn than I am.  Yeah maybe that’s it.  Maybe they find this amusing and will tolerate with dirt filled wind in their snouts as well as hard steps that they pretend are comfy.  Yep it’s possible that this is what the dogs are doing.

Then again the dogs may in fact be something else.  Beloved lovingly calls them spoiled brats of the four-footed variety.  But I think there is something else happening here.  You see this is crafty behavior, like a coyote, only I think they are chameleons.

They look like dogs, smart and crafty like coyotes, but behave like wise humans.  All the while they manage to look cute and innocent and in need of love and tenderness.  See?  Chameleons of a sort!


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