Now Where Did I Put That…

I don’t know about you, but any time I need a government issued document such as my passport, I can never find it.   Going on a trip, I need a few days notice just so I can turn the house inside out and upside down looking for my passport.  It will be where I left it from last time.

I have a safe place to keep these types of items.  I ensured I would have a special location, a safe location for all my important documents and such.  But somehow I always think that where I leave it will be better, safe and easy to remember.  Until I need it.  Then I can’t find it.

So panic comes into play and after a wee bit of panic, I go to the original safe location and of course realize nope the item never made it back there.  Hence the need to turn the house inside out or upside down.  I’ve been known to leave my passport in my suitcase because surely when I’m going to travel again I will automatically grab the suitcase and find the passport.  Makes sense, I guess.

My passport has been known to be stored in a cupboard where I keep dog food.  Yeah, I can’t explain that one, but I doubt anyone would think  to check there if s/he decides to rob the house.  I guess that’s a bonus!

I blame lupus or exhaustion for these weird quirks.  But to be honest I have a family member who has placed all banking information as well as large sums of cash in the freeze.  Gives a whole new meaning to cold hard cash.  That quirk was to ensure this family member always had access to funds and in a way that if the house was robbed, the odds of the mines being found aren’t that high.

Its weird, quirky or whatever you want to call it.  Mostly it’s just one of those things that I go through because I adore chaos oh so much.  But of course there may come a point where it won’t be a mild panic because no matter how much I turn the house over I still won’t be able to find what I need.  Then it won’t be quirky or funny.  It will be…well I’d sooner not think that way.  Unless I forget everything else too, and then I hope I just roll with the punches.


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