A New Type Of Shy or My Odd Muscles

It seems my muscles aren’t where I thought they were.  Apparently mine are under my bones!  I know!  Shocking right?

No one warned me about the issues with this rare condition.  Blindly did I go for a massage as recommended by my health care provider.  A massage that was supposed to help me get control of my pain.  A massage that, I was assured, would be anything but stressful.

The massage therapist told me that there was going to be some deeper work, to get to the muscles causing the issues.  So okay, I was a bit prepared.  But I had no idea that my muscles were hiding under my bones so massaging them would be challenging.  As in the therapist had to “lift up” the “bones” to gain access to the muscles.  As in the therapist basically had to massage through my entire body.

For the record this was what I would call stressful.  And painful.  Painful enough to leave.  Painful enough to know that the therapist did not use “regular” pressure.  Sure I can buy that we all experience pain differently, but come on, there is no way this was regular pressure.  I’m pretty sure no one would call it normal pressure after seeing that I’m several various hues of deep purple from this massage.

Now to be fair, since apparently my muscles are beneath my bones it’s not the therapist’s fault.  Therapists are there to work on the muscles and if the muscles happen to be buried deep in the body, beneath hard, bony structures well then different tactics are required.

I know it all sounds silly, mostly because my muscles aren’t really beneath my bones.  But sometimes with conditions like lupus it can seem as though your muscles have become cement or are hiding beneath your bones.  But its honestly just lupus.  Which is good because I cannot fathom muscles hiding beneath my bones.  I can fathom lupus, because I live with it every day.  I also get why sometimes massage and lupus do not go hand and hand.  I just wish the people understood this when I bring up pain issues.


4 thoughts on “A New Type Of Shy or My Odd Muscles

  1. My sentiments exactly! I don’t think you sound silly at all. I understand the pain that is associated with Lupus all too well. I too was looking into massage therapy. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the heads up 🙂

  2. Massages can be tricky. Sometimes all I want is for someone to get out a spasming knot in one of my glute/hamstrings but one inch too low or to high and it’s insane pain even with only a light touch. Lupus seems to be very tricky to find alternative pain management, it’s a sad truth. I hope you are able to recover from your lack-of-relaxation-massage.

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