Into Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall

I should have started on the boat much earlier from the looks of things.  I’m not sure how much more rain will fall, but I don’t think the boat I have is going to be big enough for everything that I need to keep dry.

At this rate the dogs will grow scales and become some hybrid cross between dogs and fish.  Although both dogs have always been excellent swimmers so they don’t mind the water.  Provided they can get in and out of it now and then.  I can swim too, but I’m not as inclined to enter the muddy waters filled with who knows what all just because I can swim.  I need a boat!

The boat will have to be large, yet light.  I need to load up my books and electronics, clothing and food and places for the dogs and I to sleep.  I need to have indoor plumbing and access to hot showers and excellent coffee.

It’s really why we don’t have a boat now.  We do however have a kayak, but there isn’t space for everything in my kayak.  Plus I’d end up getting wet because it isn’t enclosed.  I also have a rubber raft, but again space isn’t right, I’d get wet and I think the darn thing has a slow leak.

Beloved ever so kindly offered me water-wings.  Hundreds of them to add on to either the kayak or the raft.  Of course he finds it all amusing that the water isn’t exactly up to his knees yet and I’m ready to sail or at least float away.  Granted I wasn’t expect this to be what the locals call a soggy spring.

Soggy spring means, to me, that the ground is wet, maybe a bit of rain.  Melting snow or slush.  Mud.  These things are what I call a soggy spring.  Not water that falls for days on end, or water that falls all day and all night and leaves puddles big enough to lose small cars in.  That’s not soggy.  That’s just a wet spring!  I’m sure at this rate we will have water lilies and not much else growing happily.

When the sun emerge we shall be like moles sticking our heads out of our dark tunnels.  We will have no clue what that bright, burning light means.

But it’s just a soggy spring they assure me.  This isn’t even really downpour rain Beloved said.  It’s just a steady drizzle.  A steady drizzle from a huge, bottomless bucket.

Anyone know how to build boats fast?  Or should I hope the house just lifts off and floats on the water?



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