Get A Grip

Today was the annual “Lob A Lemon” festival.  What?  You’ve never heard of it?  Incredible!  It’s such fun!

You see you get some nice, sunny lemons that happen  to be just perfectly ripe.  Rinse their skin and then from there is just depends on your style.  Some people like to zest the melons first so that they can add the zest to water.  Other people will give the lemons a few squeezes to soften them before the event.

Some will overhand lib the lemons while others will underhand the lobbing.  Some people toss them almost apologetically and still others happily get into the lobbing with passion and joy.

Okay so Lemon lobbing isn’t really a thing, but it could have been.  Well to be honest it was a thing today in the house.  Not because I felt like lobbing lemons, but it seemed that way.  Lemons are apparently hard for me to hold and so a few found the floor, one went towards the dogs, Beloved had to move fast least he get a lemon splattered up in a dress shoe and yes friends ones went in my oven.

I blame lupus for this day of citrus circus acts.  Beloved has doubts about them, given the accuracy and the fact his dress shoes are basically new.  Let’s face it, if I wanted to splatter his shoe with lemons, I wouldn’t be able to hit anywhere near him.  I’m just not that accurate and he knows it.  Often times the object I want throw ends behind me, so clearly this ability with the lemons is super natural so to speak.

If it weren’t a waste of food, d be all for lemon lobbing, providing that’s what you wanted to do!


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