Bunnies, Hens, Easter And Down The Deep Hole

How do you explain Easter eggs coming from a rabbit and do it with any credibility?  I suspect parents have this down to some form of an art.  But me, try as I might, I just can’t do it.  You see it comes down to logistics and biology.  Somehow I can’t make that work with the idea of a bunny providing eggs.

I’m not saying that said bunny lays eggs, I mean we don’t need to spell out how the bunny gets the eggs.  I like to think a friendly hen provides the bunny with eggs.  Magical eggs of some sort.  Yep I can get my head around talking animals, animals helping each other out and magic.  Hey Disney taught me this is possible. 😉

Disney also taught me that in this magical world of talking animals, things always turn out the way it’s supposed to.  With an assured happily ever after unless you happen to be the bad guy.  Then you may not have a happily ever after.

Maybe that’s why I can’t fathom that a talking bunny steals the eggs.  I want a friendly bunny with friendly hens and magical eggs.  Because hey, who wants a bunny that steals eggs?  And then leaves the eggs for you.  I mean you’d be in trouble for being in possession of stolen property or perhaps even worse, kidnapping.

Bet that never crossed your mind did it?  Think about those lovely eggs the bunny has left you being a form of kidnapping, kidnapping babies from the worried mama hens.  Can you still enjoy those delicious chocolate eggs?  I probably could, given I’ve never met a hen that lays chocolate eggs, all wrapped in foil.

Okay some whole thing, the whole idea from the bunny to the eggs does make us sound a little crazy.  But sometimes it’s okay to be crazy!  It’s fun.  Besides Disney makes its fortune this way!


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