It’s been an umbrella and sunglasses sort of day.  Not too bright, but somehow bright enough to make you need to squint.  Or at least make me need to squint if my eyes aren’t protected.  And it hasn’t really been what I’d call true precipitation, but heavens the air is full of fine drips and drops which all add up,

So the only real problem was that I didn’t have an umbrella.  I know, I know.  You’d think that by now I’d have figured this all out.  I mean hello, lots of rain so of course umbrella.  But somehow I never seem able to find one when I need it.  There must be twenty or so of these devices in my house.  Still can’t find them when I need them.

I’m pretty sure my inability to locate umbrellas lead to the local stores increase their stock.  The first few weeks I bout several umbrellas a week.  Now I don’t buy them as frequently, but I suspect once a month I somehow walk into a local shopping it’s a list and somehow walk out of the same shop with them items on my list and an umbrella.  Just so I have another one to be unfindable when I really need it.  Tradition I guess!

So I had sunglasses in my bag for when it was somewhat bright and no umbrella for the damp.  And of course the dogs wanted to spend the bulk of their time.  The dogs, you see, do not require sunglasses or an umbrella.  They fail to understand how being out in the cool damp is not my favourite activity.  They also think each time I open up my bag to get my sunglasses or out them back, that I am going to reward them with a treat.  Yes they believe my bag is really just a bag full of treats for them.

Maybe tomorrow will be a full sunglasses kind of day.  And if not surely we won’t need an umbrella on account of the fact that I found two of the blasted things in the house.  Right where I thought I left them but couldn’t find them earlier today.

I will just be over here in a corner now.  In case I misplace myself!


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