Lessons From Puppy Sitting

Looking after a friend’s puppy has reminded me of some very important lessons.  Lessons that I had forgotten in time.  Lessons about fun, sleeping anywhere and why mouths are such great instruments of investigation.

The puppy was dropped off this morning just before 6.  Before coffee had kicked in, before I remembered just how much energy a tiny, adorable bundle of puppy can have.  And this energy must be unleashed with full, unbridled passion.  Energy that comes in bursts and demands attention.  Energy my other dogs aren’t as interested in expending by chasing shadows and such.  Energy I might add that seems to well up, burst forth and then build up again! 😉

You see friends, I forgot puppies are about bouncing and pouncing.  I forgot they run with wreckless abandon only to collapse into a much-needed sleep whenever and wherever the need arises.  So I have gone from chasing puppy and training puppy to watching the impossibly tiny quivering body of a sleeping puppy within what seems to be the blink of an eye.  And I also forgot how deep and hard a tired puppy can sleep!  And oh my those tiny noises they make!

I also forgot that everything just go into the mouth for investigation.  Everything.  From human toes to paper.  I was reminded of this when first the puppy seemed to suck on my toe.  And then again when it appeared that we had a snow storm in the bathroom.  Minus the snow and instead shredded toilet paper spread throughout the room.  Now my experience with toilet paper is that when it gets wet or damp it kind of goes all yucky.  How a puppy could want that in her tiny mouth I have no clue.  But she likes it.

Seriously.  I lost the first roll of toilet paper to the mock snow-storm.  I lost the second roll of toilet to curiousity and  a measuring experiment.   You see the puppy got ahold of the paper hanging off the roll and she starts to run with it in her mouth.  The problem with this is that when the roll was empty my house had a long trail of unusable toilet paper.  At a time that Beloved kind of needed to use the paper for its intended purpose.  And to be honest I had no idea how long that trail of paper would be when you unroll it.  It’s longer than the hallway from the bathroom to the kitchen and into the sitting room.  Just you know, in case, you like ever needed to get an idea of that space in the house!

The puppy has reminded me of how much joy can be found in anything when you just open up to the experience.  She also reminded me I need to stock-up on toilet paper again!


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