Mystery Hounds Indeed

Never mind the magic and mystery behind the hound of Baskerville, I’ve got my own mysterious hounds!

You wouldn’t know it now, but my house is dominated by two very strong-willed four-footed bests in the world.  Oh sure at this moment it doesn’t look that way.  But they do tend to look utterly innocent when they are sleeping.  I’ve no clue how this pull this off, but somehow these wee beasties change from stubborn, wild beasts to innocent, sweet and cuddly lambs when they are sleeping! 😮

The mystery, you see, is how when they are wide awake they seem larger than life and full of energy that exceeds the size of their bodies.  How?  How is it possible I ask you?  How are they super-sized when awake and full of determination, plots and schemes?  And the biggest mystery is how they shrink to their real doggie sizes when they go to sleep.  And not just shrink, but be innocent and seem so incapable of anything other than unconditional love.

When you stop and think about it, the real mystery is just that.  Unconditional love. How do they manage to accept us, faults and all, and keep on loving us?  I mean these two beasties of mine, they keep coming back with love despite the fact I’ve screwed their meals up or made them go to the vet.  I’ve made them have a few too many baths because I fail to appreciate their doggie perfume.  And still, despite all the changes I make to them, the things I try to wrest from their control, they still love me.




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