Some Times Are Delisted

Sunshine, a comfortable chair, a good book and a proper cappuccino.  What more does a person need to enjoy a rare, and idle afternoon?  Oh sure, there are other ways to spend a wonderful afternoon, but today stopping to let words wash upon my soul was just the thing.  Words written for the simple pleasure of reading.  No huge expectations or demands from those words other than to enjoy them and the story they told.

Sure  there are always things that need doing.  Let’s face it, the To Do List that everyone seems to have never does shrink does it.  You remove something off the list and other stuff just gets added.  The days when you manage to get a rare, and idle afternoon shouldn’t be wasted on silly lists that never seem to get any smaller.  Besides there are all sorts of other times and such like that can be used to work on the never-ending lists.

And you know what, I don’t even feel the least bit guilty or bad about how I spent this afternoon.  Nor do I feel the least bit greedy about making the cappuccino into two because the book was good, the sunlight perfect reading light and the drinks were just the very thing to enjoy.  Because sometimes the afternoon just demands we spend it doing something utterly joyful and not the least about accomplishing our items off our lists.


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